domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Um pouco de história...

    "An act of genocide on the East-Timorese people carried out by Indeonesian Troops with the backing of Western Nations ie., Australia. East-Timor is a country with substantial resources such as oil, which naturally, sparked controversy on the intentions behind the brutal genocide of its people."
    Death of a Nation - East Timor by John Pigler
    Alan Clark - former British Defence Ministee 
    James Dunn - former Australian consul in East Timor 
    Gareth Evans - Australian Foreign Affairs Minister 
    Abel Guterres - Timorese exile 
    José Ramos Horta - Timorese Foreign Minister, in exile  
    C. Philip Liechty - senior CIA officer in Indonesia 
    Konis Santana - Commander, Timorese resistance 
    Shirley Shackleton - wife of murdered reporter 
    Mário Soares - President of Portugal
    Sir Alan Thomas - head, British Defence Sales 
    Nugroho Wisnumurti - Indonesian ambassador to UN 
    Richard Woolcott - former Australian ambassador to Indonesia

    Lenght: 1:14:37

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