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Timor Climate Data

Here you can find weather data from various sources for Timor Leste. The reliability of the data is left to your own discretion. We hope that we can add to this content and update the files as we collate more data.
Daily weather data – get the daily weather data from our 20 automatic weather stations. Includes a map with GPS locations of each site. Data for rain, temperature, humidity, radiation and wind speed. (Starts from Oct, 2012)
Atauro Weather – Click here to access data about what the weather at Atauro is doing right now!
Oecussi Weather - Click here to access data about what the weather at Oecussi is doing right now!
Notes on the satellite weather stations
  1. Data is recorded every 60 minutes. So rainfall of 20mm means 20mm over 60 minutes.
  2. Data updates every 3 hours.
  3. Wind speed is measured in meters per second. 1 ms-1 = 1.94 knots. Basically, double the wind speed to get knots.
  4. Wind direction is measured as degrees from north. 90deg = east, 180deg = south, 270deg = west
  5. From time to time a sensor stops functioning eg wind direction constantly at 353deg shows its stopped functioning.
Seeds of Life Rainfall - Daily rainfall data for over 20 different sites where SoL measures rain for research purposes.
The Santiga File – A massive research task resulted in the collation of monthly rainfall data from 64 sites around Timor Leste.  Records date as far back as 1914 and go through to Indonesian times.
ALGIS,  Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Monthly data for the 12 automatic weather stations managed by the agro-meteorology division in MAF.

Historical Weather Data from Timor Agri:
Rainfall and Humidity Evaporation and Sunshine Cloud Cover
Temperature Weather Phenomena Wind

Monthly Stream Flow Data for 28 locations around Timor Leste from 1952-1974 - Courtesy of BMKG, Jakarta, Indonesia - Courtesy of US Naval Observatory - Courtesy of SSEC, University of Wisconsin, USA

SOURCE: Seeds Of Life

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