sexta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2013

Renewable Energy

      Energy is always going to be a critical discussion. The human evolutionary process (from the society point of view) has been driven to the complete dependence of energy. We need it to warm us up, to move us around but what we really need is electrical energy. Our comforts are provided by energy.

    Nowadays, the globe's most used energy are non-renewable, which means we are using finite source such oil, gas, minerals. From the pasts decades, renewable energy such wind, solar, tide, have been studied, but its practice is still very far. Although we have several examples of renewable energy being applied throughout the world, the high prices are the main crippling, besides the big energetic lobby among mega corporations and the cultural change that humans must go through to accept clean energy as a basic need.
    Today follows a report about renewable energy in Timor, how the country has been positioned about it and what are the goals. To read it, just click at the below link.

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