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Sustainable tourism guidebook launched

By: Valere Tjolle

The Guidebook "Sustainable Tourism for Development" has been launched by the UNWTO with the financing of the European Commission Directorate-General Development and Cooperation, as a part of the project "Enhancing capacities for Sustainable Tourism for Development in Developing Countries".

Says the EU "Tourism as an engine for development, trade in services, job creation and poverty reduction." "The Guidebook seeks to enhance the understanding of tourism in all its dimensions and describe how the sector relates to the EU Agenda for Change."

It should enable EU services in Brussels and the EU Delegations in 180 countries, as well as other development institutions, to include sustainable tourism development in their programme cycles. The guidebook will be tested in six developing countries (Botswana, India, Kenya, Vietnam, Senegal and Timor-Leste) and was publicly launched on the 27th of June 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Guidebook takes a comprehensive approach to tourism, covering a wide range of topics relating to its planning, development, management and impact. By working through the whole document, users will be able to identify priorities for intervention across a spectrum of issues.

The Guidebook's aim is to mainstream tourism by:

- Enhancing understanding and commitment to sustainable tourism;

- Providing guidance to assess the tourism sector's importance, identifying opportunities for sustainable tourism development, planning actions, and enhancing sustainability of projects;

- Delivering a "Sustainable Tourism for Development Study" which will enable the EU and other development institutions to include sustainable tourism development in their programme cycles.

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