sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013


Timor-Leste needs to establish sea and airports for fishery

      Minister for Agriculture and Fishery (MAFP) Mariano, Asanam Sabino said to support the quantity of infrastructure in the country the Government needed to establish the sea and airports for fishery. "We need quantity of private sector but the infrastructure should support it like sea and airports as we need to export fresh fish to Singapore and Japan", Asanami said. Asanami added that, Timor-Leste needed to establish the sea port and airports to export fresh fish to international markets as Timor-Leste was also rich of fishes in the sea.


Minister Teme visits Oe-cusse Sea Port

      Minister for State Administration and Territorial Management (ESTATAL), Jorge da Concecao Teme has held a visit to Oe-Cusse Sea Port to take a look closer at the construction of the port. According to TVTL [Timorese Public TV) news reporting, the construction of the port has reached 90% and it can be used for two ships at once.The Oe-Cusse Sea Port is financially funded and is constructed by the Government of Japan.


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