terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Dili Port

Vice Prime Minister follows-up monitoring process in Dili Port

The Vice Prime Minister paid a visit to the Dili Port on 27 March, 2013 to see in loco the monitoring work recently conducted by the National Directorate of Customs of the Ministry of Finance. Fernando La Sama de Araújo was accompanied by the Minister of Transports and Communications, Pedro Lay, and the Vice Minister of Finance, Santina Cardoso.

The governmental delegation had the opportunity to see several containers that were seized by the functionaries of the National Directorate of Customs. The containers will be the object of investigation by the relevant authorities.

The Vice Prime Minister stated that “the parties involved in this process must undergo investigation and where there are civil servants who are suspected of having collaborated with this illegality, they shall subject themselves to the consequences thereof, notably the loss of the status of civil servant. Likewise, companies suspected of falsifying documents, where it is proven, shall subject themselves to the consequences resulting thereof. Law must be complied with by everybody”.
The Vice Minister of Finance, Santina Cardoso, stated that 50 vehicles have also been confiscated, and that “they have now been abandoned in the Port because the owner refuses to take on the responsibilities. This kind of situation has to be reviewed for there is no space in the Port for warehousing this type of material of huge dimensions”.


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