quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

Meeting on Natural Disaster Management

On Tuesday 15 January 2013 the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) organized an inter-ministerial meeting in Caicoli with the participation of national and international NGOs and the civil society. The objective of the meeting was to prepare measures aimed at acting on, and preventing, natural disasters during torrential rains.

The Vice Minister for Social Solidarity, Jacinto Rigoberto de Deus, stated that “torrential rains, a consequence of climate change, adversely affect the well-being of many families, which is why the Ministry of Social Solidarity convened this inter-ministerial meeting with the participation of all Ministries, the Civil Society and NGOs, assigning to each stakeholder its role to play in case of a natural disaster.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment (MCIA), António da Conceição, added that “natural disasters presuppose a shared responsibility, and that the responsibility for the environment falls under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment. Thus, MCIA takes part in this meeting so as to contribute with its efforts and to correspond to the demands posed by natural disasters, intervening through the provision of humanitarian aid. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment cannot act alone in responding to the demands posed by such situations; it needs to cooperate with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and has already extended its support by distributing rice to affected communities. MCIA has also been looking for adequate alternative ways of providing assistance to the services of the Ministry of Social Solidarity”.

“Measures of prevention and of support to communities for the preparation of their environment adaptation plan, information on the measures to be taken in the face of natural disasters such as immediate evacuation, reserve of food products”, the Minister added.

The Viqueque District Administrator, Francisco da Silva, underscored the importance of the meeting and commended the coordination services between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the local authorities through the focal-points in the districts and sub-districts. He also suggested the need to facilitate the budget at the local level so that care services for victims of natural disasters can be mobilized.


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