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Timor-Leste’s own permaculture NGO, Permatil, is hosting the 3rd Annual National PermaScout Camp from 24th November – 30th November in Laga, Baucau.

1,300 people are expected, which represents more than a 100% increase from last year’s camp in Aileu.  PermaScout & Permatil representatives from each of the 13 Districts in Timor-Leste will join 180 International volunteers and enthusiasts from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, PNG, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Ireland and the United States.  A news / documentary film crew from Australia, led by Wayne Tindall (“Change the World”) and including two Timorese trainees, are filming the event throughout the week.

Hundreds of people from the local communities in Tequinomata and Sagadate have been active participants in preparing the camp over the last 5 months.  The camp was constructed exclusively from local materials in the village and will remain after its close as a legacy to community participation in hosting the camp.

The theme of the 2012 PermaScout Camp is NATUREZA IDA BA ITA HOTU (One Nature for All).  The 2012 camp is named for the recently-deceased HE FRANSISCO XAVIER DO AMARAL, the proclaimer of Timor-Leste’s National Independence in 1975.

With support from Australian ‘Permaculture’ practitioners, Permatil was established in 1999 shortly after the end of Indonesian occupation.  Permaculture connects and integrates different ideas and techniques of living and agriculture together: housing, water supply, health, waste management, agriculture, tree crops, aquaculture, rivers, forests, and animals.  It builds on traditional knowledge and new techniques available to augment that knowledge.  

Permatil provides disadvantaged communities in East Timor with an opportunity to overcome poverty and hunger while restoring the natural environment.  The Permascout camp, designed to empower its participants with this knowledge, will enable participants to carry techniques, skills and ideas back to their own communities.

The camp includes over 70 activities, 30 workshops, several site visits (to local villages, historic Veterans’ sites, & nearby farms), exhibitions, an expo, and musical performances.

Over 25 young leaders from most of the 13 districts have been formally trained during camp preparations.  Conducting the training are approximately 40 active Permatil leaders who were trained at previous camps in Dili and Alieu.  The camp has been sponsored by over 20 local and international organisations which has enabled participants to travel and attend the camp at minimal to no cost.

Non-Permascout members are welcome to attend (there is a daily fee) to learn, exchange, join in, compete and have fun. However, in the words of Ego Lemos – Permatil and PermaScout founder – there is an important message to be absorbed by every one of us:

“It is people who have created these problems and it is people who must change their ways for the earth to become healthy again. It is not too late for all of us to take action and to fix and save our earth. There is much local wisdom that still exists around the world today, including in Timor-Leste; our future generations depend on it. “

Herminia J Pinto, Head of Organising Committee:  +670 77345653 /
All English-language Media Enquiries should be directed to Jason at +670 7802 9770
All Tetun-language Media Enquiries should be directed to Efraim at +670 7728 2076


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