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Interception Boat “LUSITÂNIA”



25 August 2012

Port of Dili

Your Excellency the Speaker of Parliament
Your Excellency the Chief of the Defence Force
Your Excellency the Commander-General of the PNTL
Your Excellency Mrs Isabel Ferreira
Your Excellency Mr Arnold Cahymulyono, Director of PT. Samudera Permai Multi Guna

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This ceremony that brings us here today is particularly important, as it represents another stage in our ongoing effort to provide the National Police of Timor-Leste with the means to carry out the mission given to it by the Constitution.

The main goal of this Government, which has just been strengthened by the trust that our People have given to us, is to develop the Country so that everyone can enjoy better living situations, with full respect for human dignity.

This was the reason that the Timorese fought so heroically to achieve freedom and independence. It is now up to us, the legally mandated political leaders, to achieve this national goal.

We know that without security one cannot think about development. Public investment by itself is not enough to ensure the economic growth of the Country. Instead, it is absolutely vital that we attract national and private investment to Timor-Leste and start businesses that create wealth and jobs.

However, no investor will risk finance without being certain that the country is safe and that it can trust completely in the agencies responsible for ensuring public order.

As such, the State must provide the PNTL with all the means it requires to ensure the safety and tranquillity of the population. To invest in the Police is to invest in the development of the Nation and in the future of our People.

Your Excellency the Commander-General of the PNTL,

Starting today, the Maritime Unit of the PNTL will have a Surveillance and Interception Boat. This vessel, which is the first of its kind in Timor-Leste, will enable the permanent patrolling of the territorial sea in order to provide an effective response to the criminality throughout the coastal area.

A significant part of our Country’s natural wealth is located in the sea, which is why it is a priority for the authorities to prevent the depletion of this wealth and to prevent offending. 3 / 3

The vessel that now enters the service of the PNTL will enable, in particular, a more concerted action concerning illegal fishing and smuggling, as well as environmental protection, by protecting endangered maritime species, with a focus on the corals that are being destroyed by human hands.

I trust, Mr Commander-General, and here I would also address directly the officers, NCOs and members of the PNTL, that you will properly use this Boat that is now trusted to your care, operating it with efficiency and effectiveness, as well as preserving it by way of proper maintenance.

Your Excellency Mr Arnold Cahymulyono,

Kindly transmit to company PT. Samudera Permai Multi Guna, in which you are a Director, my Government’s gratitude for the construction of the Surveillance and Interception Boat “Lusitânia”, which has met our expectations.

I hope that this healthy cooperation does not end here and that we may make use of your services again in a near future.

Your Excellency Mrs Isabel Ferreira,

I want to thank for accepting so promptly our request to be the godmother of the “Lusitânia” Boat.

It is an honour for us all, and particularly to the Maritime Unit of the PNTL, that the godmother of our first surveillance and interception boat is the First Lady of our young Republic.

I say with the utmost conviction that this is a fair recognition in view of the role that you have been playing in the development of Timorese society. I could highlight for instance the good work you have been doing over the last few years in the Office of the Secretary of State for Security and in the Civil Service Commission.

I could not agree more with this decision to associate your name to this vessel, which will now fly the colours of the PNTL.

I thank all those who have honoured us today by being present at this ceremony.


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